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Type metal alloys


Imperial Type Metal Co.
Type metal alloys
New York: Imperial Type Metal Co., 1927
85 p. : ill. ; 20 cm.

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[Cover] Type metal alloys

[Title page] Type metal alloys, pp. [1]-[2]

[Contents] Contents, p. [3]

[Foreword] Foreword, pp. 4-6

Type-casting machine metal, pp. 7-8

Function of the three elements, pp. 8-11

Eutectic point, p. 11

Impurities in type metals, pp. 11-14

Typical analysis of commercial new metal offered by refiners, p. 15

Alloying or mixing, pp. 16-17

[Microphotographs], pp. 18-23

Remelting, pp. 24-26

Drossing of type metal, pp. 26-27

Deterioration of type metal, pp. 27-28

Sources of contamination, pp. 29-31

Dross reducing furnaces, pp. 32-33

Line slug metal, pp. 33-35

Stereotype metal, pp. 36-40

Combination metal, p. 40

Monotype metal, pp. 40-43

Electrotype metal, pp. 43-49

Sampling, pp. 49-51

Analysis, pp. 51-53

How to keep type metal fit, pp. 53-54

"Don't blame the metal", pp. 54-55

"Never attempt toning without proper chemical supervision", pp. 56-57

A few helpful hints, pp. 57-58

Everyday problems of the type metal user and their solutions, p. 59

[Contents] Contents, p. 59

Slug machines, pp. 60-63

Monotypes, pp. 64-66

Stereotype department, pp. 67-74

Press room, pp. 75-76

General, pp. 77-80

Cautions, p. 81

Melting points of chemical elements, p. 82

Densities, p. 83

Linear expansion, pp. 84-85 ff.


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