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Barnhart Brothers & Spindler / Type faces, border designs, typecast ornaments, brass rule, superior specialties, machines and materials, cabinet equipment

To craftsmen of printing and advertising,   pp. 9-16

Page 9

o Craltsmen of
Printinq and Advertising
Printing is the great constructive force of the
modern civilized world. It plays the indispen-
sable part in the dissemination of news, in the
expression and progression of political ideals,
in the records and exchange of commerce and
industry. It democratizes education, scienceart,
music-and broadens the scope of everything
it touches. Its service is vital in upbuildinq and
sustaining business through advertising
To appreciate its high place in the esteem of an
enlightened world, Printing must be well done.
Our offering to the cause of better Printing is
presented in this Selective Catalog-a selec-
tion of Ti]pe Faces, Brass Rules and Decorative
materials which will most effectively serve
the needs of modern typogranhy
Superior Specialties of our manufacture are
shown in this catalog. De also furnish the meri-
torious labor conserving appliances and tools
of standard usage and progressive invention
produced by other manufacturers-available
descriptive circulars or catalogs of these
manufacturers sent on request
machinerq of proved dependability for all
departments of printing, publishing or binding
is furnishedbj us. Rebuilt machines of standard
make are also usually available. Urite for latest
descriptive catalogs of the machines about
which you may desire information
materials and Supplies of the finest quality
are quickl obtainable from the stocks carried
at our conveniently located branches
barnlart brothers & Spindler
manufacturers and merchants
Parsons with T No. 12727
Background of Herringbone Rules
Tinr 1),t Role with Art Corners
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