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American line type book: borders and ornaments price list, printing machinery and material

[Introduction] To the buying printer,   pp. [iii]-[viii]

Page [iii]

7)_~. M0
To the Buying Printer
HIS American Line Type Book
shows specimens of the latest
and bet in type designs; the
faces popular with all leading
advertisers and the large buyers
of printing. One reason for the
increasing demand for American
Type-and which, by the way,
makes it The Best Type -is the
fact that the designs are brought out in Families. One
of the popular American Line Families is known as the
Cheltenham Family, consisting of Cheltenham Oldstyle,
CheltenhamWide, Cheltenham Italic, Cheltenham Bold,
Cheltenham Bold Italic, Cheltenham Bold Condensed,
Cheltenham Bold Condensed Italic, and the latest
addition, Cheltenham Outline.
q Other notable American Type Families are the
Century Expanded Series, Globe Gothics, Florentines,
Copperplate Gothics, Alternate Gothics, Jensons, and
the "Post" Family. Many of these are shown for the
firt time in this American Line Type Book.
41 In addition to the diversified range of type faces
shown in this book, the printer will also find the most
attradtive line of Decorative Material ever presented.
In Brass Rule the seledtion offered is the larget ever
shown, both in plain faces and distindtive faces, which
are unexcelled for advertising display.
Everything required for the most complete printing
office outfit can be seleded from the pages of this
Type Book, and the price lit of Wood Goods, Printing
Material and Printing Machinery will be found an
authentic Purchaser's Guide for Printers.
(I For a large seledtion of both plain and ornamental
type faces not shown in this Specimen Book, printers
are referred to the 1900 Desk Book, a copy of which
was placed in every printing office in the country.
American Type Founders Company
The body of this page is set in 10 Point Cheltenbam Wide
I vm u U
I ~O
, , k        I

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