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American Type Founders Company / American specimen book of type styles : complete catalogue of printing machinery and printing supplies

Type designing department,   p. vi PDF (547.9 KB)

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unzzzzzI~ zxz~xI Ixxnz n Iuz            xz xixx  ;:xzzz  Xi z xzxz x
Thle uipper pictllre on page nine slos a section of the mlin Typ
Designiinig Room, in whiielh tle desins of, the various iember of he
reat type finluInilies are first worked out on Paper. and tIt  by iingenious
mechaIical devices transfirled into metal Patterns by a Ilethod, fir't ulsed
hv the American Type Fouiders Compaiy, hii his r oltinized tile
art of producing patterns and matrices for casting tNpes.
After the patterns are prepared thve are usl (I te l Benton Miatrix
Cltting Maclinlis sioNwni inl tile low. er pictire oni page nine. Th15ese ia-
chinies cut [lte matrices into the solid metal wNithl a degree of, aeoiaracy
impracticable  Irhe lihum  processes ai  thelig macines ha e made
obsolete in tle Central Plant. These mlatrix ittin Imacines, andi th
machines for shiarlpening [the cuitters anl ia.,uring, thc work, are madle
uaul used exclusielyv b the American Type Fouideri , Compam.
Ile various in% vi tiols used inl this department have llade mnatri-
making an almost infelible 5(ienie. whirO before it %as tle least scielntific
 f'of tviimaking Iprocesses. Ii this conn1ection the that of real importance
to tie jrinter is tlat tlhst iinvelntiols lae considerably imrovl ti
quality of  INpes,  bothi artistically  and itiechlianicall.
It wNOuld  require a fair-sized  v(Ihiile to  illustrate  ami describe all tile
dle!)artllents of tile Central Plant. \Ve pass witll a bare mention tile Depart-
ients of Mould-making, of Brass Types arid of CIting MaIine Unilini
andi Repairs: the M1atrix \ault, the) Power House witl its E'lectri Gener-
atilng Plant. tle Metal House, tle Chaeniical Laboratory, the Shiippinig
Department (illustrated on page eleven). and last. though Inot least, the
extensive Specinn Printing I)epartment in wiili this.- Specinien Book
was printel.
On page ten will he fbuid views of4 two Type Casting Bays, mn  a
pictureof tle llarthi Amitoniatic Castinldg Machiine milade anid used exclusively
by the Aiericani Tl e FIVoumlers Companm. '[here are six of thliese bays.
eacha lrgesiz l tpe finantlry inl sl f  llhtd andl \entilated on] all sid1es
and in thie roofs. Eachi Hartil Automatic T\ype C astingr Mlachinle royuire
electricity for power, gas for ielting tle imetal, c(oh water for cooling
the lioultd, and cooled air for regulating thme temperatulre anl all tie
conduits for suploving these forces are under tIle floor.         "I
In atlition to tle six Casting Bays, a section of' the lmain floor lore
than thirty feet wide and exteldinug one-liall tile width of tle front of tie
bumillinmg and two-thirds of the length of the builling is ocnupied by vari-
olus steam and4 hand u'astinig mia(chin~es, dressing miaehinles, kerning miahiines
and by various hand processes usel in naking tpe.
The upper picture oi page eleven is a viewN ill the -lain Dividimig Room,
which extends almost tIle entire length of the builing. Above this room
there is another Dividin g Hoom of nearly tle same extent. Tle Dividing
Rooms are spdendidly liglited an( systemiiatically arranged to take care
of' the pro(it of the casting maciines in adjoining rooms.
'zmxxizz    Millions of poulds of type are handled here annually.
IVerstile Harder                                                                Tham      Nin  Itlr  o

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