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Buchen, Walther (ed.) / The Wisconsin magazine
Vol. VII, No. 8 (May 1910)

Hoyer, Theo. R.
The greater university,   pp. 17-20

Page 18

tieilar harmony In color or design there
will be completed a -great architectural
atheme of many new buildings grouped
according to the resp ctive departments in
which i they I beloag.  The plans as have
been proposed provide for almost indefinite
expansion of .all. the various, colleges, .aud
hence the College of Engineering, whith
stands on extremely limit^d grounsd,.will
be transferred to the west of the hill. dIn
fact tbe greater portion of the university
will lie behind main hall.
  University hall is the keynote of the
general design of future buildings, and
even though buildings such as Science hall,
and the Law building are entirely out of
harmony with the original de&sgn future
architects will consider it a dutv to abide
by the scheme laid down by the first de-
signer.  Recently constructed buildings
such as Lathrop hall and the agricultural
buildings are constructed according to the
early models and do not clash with t'i's
prevailing.tone ard color.
  Approaching the grounds from State
street we mav find two now avenues eom-
mencingkat -the junction of State and, Lake
streets. running diagonally so. that one.-will
terminate at the end of Park street, the
other at the corner of Park strect and
-University avenue. The Historical Library
will undoubtedlv have outgrown its; pres-
entiquarters, and an extension built north-
ward may he erected.across Landon street.
S.ymmetrically opposite, on -the south. side
of State street we may. find a large, hand-
some theater combined with .a new Ad-
ministration building. Already we hear
(agitation in favor of the establishment of
a dramatic chair, and it is not entirelv
improbable. that in the future this new
theater will stand at the prominent junc-
tion.-of .State .and Park strees. dIn front
,of these buildings .an   elaborate park
..scheme ihas been provided for-.a court
beautiful-around which the .ktellectual
life .of the! university will gather. by in-
evitable attraction. The old battleground
of. many an interclass. baseball game will
also be transformed into a park, and will
lend .an !air of dignity to the entire cam-
  The hill will look entirely different, Op-
posite Science hall a new building hou-
ing the History and Ecenomic Depart-
ments will displace the old chapel. Two
new buildings similar to North and South
hall will be back of Science hall and the
History building, and will be connected
to these buildings by porticos. The once.
sloping bill which terminates abruptly, on
Park street will receive at its base an
architectural treatment of- ballustrades,
steps, and a statue. Directly in front of
Main hail we look for the acravolis of t1o
future university.  The court or plaza
already started .<with North hall, . South
hall, and .Main hball will be completed by
.a museum on the,,north and a ,biolomical
-buildinz on the so)uth side. The contract
for the. biological building was to be let
some time this month, and the structure

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