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Sheets, Geo M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin literary magazine
Vol. VI, No. 1 (October 1908)

Entre nous,   pp. 45-47 ff.

Page 46

spirit." We ought not to be asked to buy coupon books admit-
ting to all the athletic events of the year; we ought to get them
of our own accord, to help along Wisconsin and the varsity team.
                   WHAT KIND OF A RUSH?
  Perhaps the first question of importance over which the stu-
dent conference will scratch its head and disagree will be the
annual freshman-sophomore rush. The committee appointed
to investigate the old institution and to recommend changes or
a new form of rush was to report as soon as the University
opened. Many have expressed the hope that the old rush will
not be abolished and an entirely new form of class strugggle
substituted in its place. 'But while the old rush has grown to
be traditional of Wisconsin and has resulted in few serious
accidents of late years, it is nevertheless rough and at times
dangerous. But what strikes us especially is its general aimless
nature. There seems to be no point to the thing, if we except
the old rush when a raft was the objective, or the 1905 affair,
when the top of a telephone pole was the aim of the contestants.
But then too, accidents happened more frequently in the old
days. Now it is often difficult to tell which class won and which
absorbed the largest amount of muld and water. We should have
a rush, if we have one at all, that is indigenous, one that is
liable to result in the least amount of danger and one that seems
to have a definite purpose. If water were not apt to spoil powder
we might suggest a sham battle out in the lake. Feminine spec-
tators would then be able to enjoy the scene without fear of
being rudely jostled and shocked. We leave the solution to the
student conference.

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