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Sheets, Geo M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin literary magazine
Vol. VI, No. 1 (October 1908)

Editorial,   pp. 42-44

Page 42

   To those who have known the University in past years the
Lit need not introduce herself, she greets you with the same
heartfelt friendliness as you show when meeting old chums on
registration days. There are some, it is true, who have been
students at Wisconsin and yet have not become acquainted with
us. We ask, "why ?" and we believe the answer is that you have
considered the Lit as purely a literary magazine, one having
little interest for the average student, the rooter or the fan. And
that opinion, we must say, is a mistaken one, the Lit is Wiscon-
sin's, and she takes as much interest in the varsity foot-ball team,
the rush, the prom or the crew as any loyal student. We hope
to convince you of this and at the same time to offer the most
interesting stories that the best literary talent in the University
of Wisconsin can write. If we can do this, smiling the while,
we shall feel doubly satisfied, for we love not a continual gloom
or the rattle of dead men's bones. October 1, will be the sixth
birthday of the Lit. As the optimism and idealism of youth will
be the light we will follow, it may be that at times we shall be
indiscreet. If we are, be charitable; the greybeard's point of
view is difficult for us to acquire. The Lit hopes to appeal par-
ticularly to the undergraduate, not excepting the freshman; in-
cidentally she hopes that the new student will agree with her
idea of the rush.
                       CONTRIBU TIONS.
  As our board of editors was badly splintered by the commence-
ment exercises last June, there are not a few vacant chairs in
the editorial rooms of the Lit.  Contributions, either prose,

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