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Sheets, Geo M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin literary magazine
Vol. VI, No. 1 (October 1908)

D. M. B.
Casey's first call,   pp. 29-31

Page 29

                        D. M. B.
  "Oh, how do you do, Mr. Casey, I'm awfully glad to meet
you. Joe has told me so much about you that I feel as if-
yes, Joe and I are mighty good friends. I've known him ever
since I entered college. Did he and Maude go out on the
porch? Well, let's go in here, the davenport is so comfortable.
* * * How long have I been here, did you say? Why,
I'm a sophomore * * * Yes, I do look rather young I
suppose, but I'm really eighteen. I'd be a junior now if they
hadn't kept me out of school a year on account of my health.
The doctor wouldn't let Mamma send me. I was so delicate.
  "How do you like it here? * * * You just ought to
see it in Spring, though. The drives are lovely, aren't they?
* * * You haven't been? Why how dreadful! You really
must go before the leaves- * * * Why, thank you, per-
haps I could, but not before Sunday, I'm afraid. We can't
have dates both afternoon and evening, you. know, and my even-
ings are all taken till Sunday.
  "Who is your class advisor?  *  *  *  Not really?  He's
mine, too. Isn't he sweet? *   *  *  Oh, don't you think
so? Why, he let me take just what I pleased. * * * Oh,
now, Mr. Casey, you're an awful jollier! I didn't even try to
make a hit!  *  *  *  Well, maybe you're right about that.
The instructors here are mostly awfully courteous to the girls.
they have to advise, you know. I never take courses under the
married ones if I can help it. Who is your freshman English
man? * * * Oh, what a shame! He must be a new one.
Now mine was simply grand. I got B+ on every theme I

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