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Olbrich, M. B. (ed.) / The Wisconsin literary magazine
Vol. 1, No. 4 (March 1904)

Jordan, E. S.
The policy of Sammy Smithers,   pp. 154-157

Page 156

was sure that Smithers would get another bid. Perhaps the
most consoling resolution made by any subject in the dresser
array was that of the girl on the platinum finished card who
stamped her foot on the rug before her dresser and told her
room-mate that "I'd like to take Sammy Smithers and I'd
rather stag it than take some men to whom I am indebted."
   Intermingled with the dramatic touch in Smithers car-
 riage and sophisticated attitude that he assumed was a tinge
 of cleverness. The thought came to him that strategy was
 necessary. He knew what the dresser array knew, that not
 one of these owed him anything. For a time he sat and
 thought. Then he got up and walked. Suddenly he tossed
 his cigarette stub into the waste basket and went to the tele-
   'Gimme Number 845," said Smithers.
   ''Hello, is this the Cardinal?"
   "Will you print this personal, please?"
   "Samuel J. Smithers, Law '04, will leave Madison on April
16 for Chicago, where he will spend several days collecting
data in the courts to be used in the preparation of his thesis."
There was a smile which clung to Smithers' face as he locked
the door of his room and sat down to contemplate his strat-
egy. For two days he waited, loafing, smoking and playing
bridge whist with the fellows. Smithers heard a freshman
call his name from the top of the stairs one afternoon just as
he had drawn a big hand.
  ''Oh Smithers!" yelled the freshman; "'phone, Smithers."
  Sammy dropped the hand and started up the stairs. He
picked up the receiver.
  ''Hello! Yes, this is Mr. Smithers."
  "Why, I should be delighted to accept if it were not for
the fact that I am going to Chicago at that time to do thesis
work. I thank you ever so much."
  "Yes, I am sorry too."

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