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Athenaeus of Naucratis / The deipnosophists, or, Banquet of the learned of Athenæus
volume II (1854)

Book IX,   pp. 576-648

Page 633

TIlE woRID =TArPo6. 
impetuously; but men have got a trick of pronouncing the 
word without the a-, 'v; and some people believe that it is 
called o-v, by being softened from Ovv, as if it had its name 
from being a fit animal to sacrifice (OEtv). But now, if it 
seems good to you, answer me who ever uses the compound 
word like we do, calling the wild boar not ras- J'yptoT, but 
OivacypoO l At all events, Sophocles, in his Lovers of Achilles, 
has applied the word eryvaypos to a dog, as hunting the boar 
(a7cw roil aoi3 O-,ypEVEtv), where he says- 
And you, Syagre, child of Pelion. 
And in Herodotus we find Syagrus used as a proper name of 
a man who was a Lacedeemonian by birth, and who went on 
the embassy to Gelon the Syracusan, about forming an 
alliance against the Medes; which Herodotus mentions in the 
seventh book of his History. And I am aware, too, that 
there was a general of the /Etolians named Syagrus, who is 
mentioned by Phylarchus, in the fourth book of his History. 
And Democritus said-You always, 0 Ulpian, have got a habit 
of never taking anything that is set before you until you 
know whether the existing name of it was in use among the 
ancients.  Accordingly you are running the risk, on account 
of all these inquiries of yours, (just like Philetas of Cos, who 
was always investigating all false arguments and erroneous 
uses of words,) of being starved to death, as he was. For he 
became very thin by reason of his devotion to these inquiries, 
and so died, as the inscription in front of his tomb shows- 
Stranger, Philetas is my name, I lie 
Slain by fallacious arguments, and cares 
Protracted from the evening through the night. 
65. And so that you may not waste away by investigating 
this word avoaypo%; learn that Antiphanes gives this name to 
the wild boar, in his Ravished Woman 
This very night a wild boar (a5erypov) will I seize, 
Anw drag into this house, and a lion and a wolf. 
And Dionysius the tyrant, in his Adonis, says- 
Under the arched cavern of the nymphs 
I consecrate .. 
A wild boar (a-Iteaypozv) as the first-fruits to the gods. 
And Lvnceus the Samian, in his epistle to Apollodorus, writes 
thus-" That you may have some goat's flesh for your chil- 
dren, and some meat of the wild boar (Ta' avadypta) for your- 

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