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Adler, Philip A. (ed.) / The Wisconsin literary magazine
Volume XVI, Number 4 (January 1917)

Meyer, Ernest L.; Organ, Manual
An introduction to ultra-violet poetry,   pp. 111-112

Page 112

Blossom 12
(On the Newly Discovered Signature of Shakespeare)
A row of little worms
Like what an Arabian lunatic put in an asylum for
killing babies
Would carve on the whitewashed wall
With a rusty pin
Thinking of singing Pheasants.
There is a barrel of skeletons
In the cellar.
Not neatly arranged, but all
Cluttered-hating each other.
Blossom 34
I wished for her smiling lips.
She wanted my golden curls.
I was a banker's son.
But she was just "one of those girls."
Oh, I wish I were a gnat's tail!
Blossom 57
Worship at Shakespere's fane!
Before his greatness and humanity
Bow your heads.
Pray that you may catch
But one glimpse
Of the world's flowers
Which bloomed before his eyes.
Sententiously the Doctor closed his book
Walking home,
He turned his eyes
From where the winds tossed dresses;
Passed a tavern,
Study bound.
Blossom 25
Isn't it fascinating to watch a man be electrocuted?
And know he is being born?
He is born in a moment,-laughing.
His body shudders,
And the atoms laugh as they hurtle through his veins.
And his soul laughs.
The way God laughed
When he overflowed into the void.
Blossom 6
My friend, why do you spend so much time
Scrutinizing your soul?
Don't you know that not even turnips will grow,
If you are continually up-rooting them
From the mud and manure?
Blossom 130
When you whispered in my ear
That you needed me,
I noticed there was no lobe on your ear.
And I locked you in a trunk
Until you were dead. Then I took you in my arms
And kissed you.
There was a purple song on your lips
Like the cry of Poland
To be free.
Blossom 142, A,
(A segment of a cycle of War Poems. Ms. has
in margin "Abshied".)
A last long look,
A yellow banana,
The mess clerk's book-
Farewell to Anna.
Two pairs of pants,
A glass of beer,
A forward glance,
A pang of fear.
A khaki shirt,
Some dirty socks,-
A nursery floor,
A box of blocks.
Blossom 56
For me, one day, the earth bloomed bright,
And flowers spread their perfume,
I had a job.
And for a day
I bore the brimming growlers
And speared the juicy Frankforts;
But then-
I quit.
Why has cheese a rind?

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