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Braley, Berton (ed.) / The Wisconsin literary magazine
Vol. II, No. 5 (February 1905)

Hoyt, Frances
A sea breeze,   pp. 197-199

Page 198

in the situation at once, and muttering something about
wishing " to see a fellow downstairs," went off.
   Half an hour later he strolled along the opposite side of
 the saloon. Karl and Miss Morgan were so deep in their
 tete-a-tete that they did not notice him. The girl's eyes
 sparkled, she laughed frequently. Her companion was lean-
 ing towards her, his face pale, his eyes dark.
   Dick smiled to himself complacently, and sauntered out
 on deck. About mid-night Karl hunted him up.
   "Say, she's a peach!" he exclaimed. "Think what I've
 missed by not meeting her earlier. She was on the steamer
 going over. I
   "You've met her now," commented Dick philosophically.
   "I could talk to her forever. Old fellow, I want to thank
you for introducing us. Good-bye! "
  "Why! Where're you going?" There was no reply.
Karl disappeared through the cabin door.
  Dick whistled. "He's struck this time, sure!" he said to
himself. Preslently, he made his way through the saloon
again. Most of the excursionists were dozing in their chairs,
but Karl and Miss Morgan were still talking vivaciously, still
gazing at one another with the same absorbed expression.
  Dick went up to them and asked, "Aren't you people
getting sleepy?" At the sound of his voice the girl started
and blushed, while Karl, whose face was flushed, said
abruptly: "Let's go out on deck. It's hot in here. Wouldn't
you like to go?" he asked his companion.
  "Yes. It i8 warm. I will speak to aunt. " She entered
a nearby state-room.
  Dick began to grin at his friend, and winked. The latter
replied with a shrug.
  "I never was hit so hard before," said he. The girl reap-
peared, saying: "Aune was asleep, so I didn't wake her."
As they emerged from the cabin onto the deck, and the
breeze caught them, she cried out with a gay laugh, "Isn't
it delicious, the salt breeze!" Karl grasped her arm and

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