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Olbrich, M. B. (ed.) / The Wisconsin literary magazine
Vol. 1, No. 7 (June 1904)

Mason, Ora L.
Only a joke,   pp. 260-265

Page 261

  "What was the talk about?" asked Blanche.
  " Mental Telepathy in the Light of Recent Discovery," said
Caryl promptly, feeling that perhaps her time for revenge on
Elizabeth Walton, practical joker, was near at hand.  "You
girls missed a whole lot of interesting and instructive knowl-
edge, and coming as it did from one who himself discovered
transference of thought, it certainly was a rare opportunity."
  "Why have I never learned shorthand," exclaimed Betty
in tragic despair. "If I could but incorporate such gems of
fluency in my article with all their original flavor and spici-
ness, the eloquence of Adams would-
  "He was such a funny little man, too," continued Caryl,
making the most of her long-looked-for opportunity, " short
and fat, with the tiniest little blue eyes and the biggest nose.
A typical New Zealander. "
  "What is his name?" asked Betty, forgetting the flowers in
her growing interest. "Now, if I only read the papers more,'"
self-accusingly, III should know more about such distinguished
people. "
  "'Eskinos Zotkna," replied Caryl innocently, recollecting
an odd name she had read in a story but a few hours ago.
"What dainty little blue-bells!" carefully untwining them
from the violets.
  "'What a peculiar name!" said Mable.
  "I suppose he performed all sorts of interesting experi-
ments," suggested Betty. Then lowering her voice confi-
dentially, -I must confess I haven't a very clear idea of what
telepathy is. In what year did he discover it?"
  "Eighteen-fifty-four, I believe," rather indifferently, as
she scrutinized an anemone very closely.
  "Why he must have been quite an old man," Betty per-
s isted.
  "Hardly a wisp of hair on his head," Caryl lay down the
flowers and grew enthusiastic again. "You ought to have
seen the wonderful apparatus he had for testing a person's
thoughts. The most remarkable thing. I tell you, girls, it

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