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Athenaeus of Naucratis / The deipnosophists, or, Banquet of the learned of Athenæus
volume III (1854)

Book XV,   pp. 1062-1122

Page 1122

because when the first two syllables are made long, I-? 7ratauv, it 
becomes a heroic verse, but when they are pronounced short 
it is an iambic, and thus it is plvfin that we must attribute the 
iambic to him. And as the rest are short, if any one makes 
the last two syllables of the verse long, that makes a Hippo- 
nactean iambic. 
63. And after this, when we also were about to leave the 
party, the slaves came in bringing, one an incense burner, 
and another           . - 
For it was the custom for the guests to rise up and offer a 
libation, and then to give the rest of the unmixed wine to the 
boy, who brought it to them to drink. 
Ariphron the Sicyonian composed this Pman to Health- 
O holiest Health, all other gods excelling, 
May I be ever blest 
With thy kind favour, and for all the rest 
Of life I pray thee ne'er desert my dwelling; 
For if riches pleasure bring, 
Or the power of a king, 
Or children smiling round the board, 
Or partner honour'd and adored, 
Or any other joy 
Which the all-bounteous gods employ 
To raise the hearts of men, 
Consoling them for long laborious pain; 
All their chief brightness owe, kind Health, to you; 
You are the Graces' spring, 
'Tis you the only real bliss can bring, 
And no man 's blest when you are not in view, 
*        *       *        * 
64. They know.-For Sopater the farce-writer, in his play 
entitled The Lentil, speaks thus- 
I can both carve and drink Etruscan wine, 
In due proportion mix'd. 
These things, my good Timocrates, are not, as Plato says, 
the sportive conversations of Socrates in his youth and 
beauty, but the serious discussions of the Deipnosophists; 
for, as Dionysius the Brazen says,- 
What, whether you begin or end a work, 
Is better than the thing you most require? 
.1 r22 

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