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Boyle, Ruth M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin magazine
Vol. XIII, Number 6 (March 1916)

Ketcham, Iva N.
The land of dreams,   pp. Thirty-eight-Fifty-six ff.

Page Thirty-nine

         EUROPE TO US
     (Continued from page 15.)
merely the benefits which we may find
in our country, but the benefits which
we may confer upon the country which
has already soiled us by its bounty.
There is something of greater impor-
tance than living up to our ideals. First
of all, it would be well for us to mould                .4
those ideals. According to tradition,
we have them. But what are they?
Suppose that each of us were asked,
"For what ideals does the United
States stand?" And suppose that one
who analyzed keenly stood by to hear
our diverse answers. Would he not
conclude that before we went too far
An our carrying out, and living up to
ideals, it would be best to have them
clearly in the minds of us all? Perhaps           0
not so much in our minds, as in our
hearts. We are a self-conscious peo-
ple-we are a little ashamed of talking
much about our hearts in a definite
way. It is easier to sneer and to bur-
lesque, and to have superficial emo-
tions. But if we do pretend to grati-
tude, let us be grateful, not that our
own unimportant blood is coursing
through our veins rather than covering
a battlefield, but that we may work for
our country. That we may build her,
may create ideals for her, may give our
share. That we may express the high-
est kind of patriotism and individual-
ism, by considering what we may con-
tribute to the country, and by forfeit-
ing our individualism to the unit. A              H
wonderful chance is ours, if we will
but take it.
   Contentment is prophylactic. Has
 any woman who knew she was well-
 dressed ever caught a cold?

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