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The Wisconsin magazine


Meyer, Wallace, Editor
The Wisconsin magazine
Volume XIII, Number 7
Madison, Wisconsin: The Wisconsin Magazine Association, Incorporated, April 1916

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[Cover] The Wisconsin magazine

Table of contents

[Frontispiece] Why? what? and how, A. W. M.

Will there be an American Shakespeare?, Rushton, Wyatt pp. Three-Six

The trifler, Weiben, Harold R. pp. Seven-Eight

Some anti-bellum glimpses, Richards, William pp. Nine-Eleven

The friend, Anundsen, G. p. Eleven

Second sight, Wengler, Harold pp. Twelve-Fourteen

The worth of a college publication, Walsh, William T. pp. Fifteen-Sixteen

A fantasy, Morris, Kathryn p. Sixteen

Now and then, Hobson, Asher pp. Seventeen-Nineteen

The laughter loving lady, Nuzum, Ralph E. p. Nineteen

[Portrait] John Bascom, p. Twenty

Wisconsin student life 1873-1890, Stephens, S. D. pp. Twenty-one-Twenty-three

A conversion of father, Guild, Eugene S. pp. Twenty-four-Twenty-six

Wanted--a real self government, Moses, Edward W. pp. Twenty-six-Twenty-seven

"Seaworthy", Herbst, Helen B. pp. Twenty-eight-Twenty-nine

Current doings in doggerel, Nuzum, Ralph E. pp. Thirty-Thirty-one

Editorially speaking, pp. Thirty-two-Thirty-three

"Follow me, I lead the way", Torchiani, Alfred pp. Thirty-four-Thirty-eight

A true sportsman, L. E. M. pp. Thirty-eight-Forty-eight ff.


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