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The Wisconsin magazine


Boyle, Ruth M., Editor
The Wisconsin magazine
Vol. XIII, Number 6
The Wisconsin Magazine Association, Incorporated, March 1916

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[Cover] The Wisconsin magazine

Table of contents

[Frontispiece] Woman at Wisconsin

Curls and the curlers, Kinnan, Marjorie pp. Three-Five

Our distinguishing trait, pp. Six-Nine

Three years of his life, Forbes, Esther L. pp. Nine-Thirteen

Europe to us, Parker, Maude Louise pp. Fourteen-Fifteen

The swamp, Anundsen, Miss George pp. Sixteen-Seventeen

Diegesis, Head, H. Omec p. Eighteen

What the day's work means to me, Gale, Zona pp. Nineteen-Twenty

The odd job man, Stewart, K. Bernice p. Twenty-one

Letters which are never sent, Davis, Marion L. p. Twenty-two

The pageant as a source of art in America, Rockwell, Ethel Theodora pp. Twenty-three-Twenty-four

Awakening, Mills, Laura p. Twenty-four

Co-operative housekeeping at Wisconsin, pp. Twenty-five-Twenty-six

Wisconsin Players, One of them pp. Twenty-six-Twenty-seven

"Roomers", Knowlton, Helen pp. Twenty-eight-Thirty

The road of willows, Lewis, Dorothy pp. Thirty-Thirty-three

An American's glance at Turgenev, Boyle, Ruth Murrin pp. Thirty-four-Thirty-six

A letter from Mrs. Winship, Winship, Amy D. pp. Thirty-seven-Thirty-eight

The land of dreams, Ketcham, Iva N. pp. Thirty-eight-Fifty-six ff.


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