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The Wisconsin magazine


Meyer, Wallace, Editor
The Wisconsin magazine
Volume XIII, Number 4
Madison, Wisconsin: The Wisconsin Magazine Association, Incorporated, January 1916

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[Cover] The Wisconsin magazine

Table of contents

[Frontispiece] Dreams, Morris, Kathryn

Opportunities for college men in public service, Davies, Joseph E. pp. Three-Six

The brute, Kinnan, Marjorie pp. Seven-Nine

Singin' in the choir, Nuzum, Ralph E. p. Ten

China--monarchy or republic?, Yui, Stewart E. S. pp. Eleven-Fourteen

The lone man, Lerch, Mary F. pp. Fifteen-Sixteen

A fancy of H, H. R. W. p. Sixteen

The Ohio State University Union, Drake, Edward S. pp. Seventeen-Nineteen

College men as soldiers, Meyer, Wallace pp. Twenty-Twenty-one

Forensics and the student body during the war, Stephens, S. D. pp. Twenty-two-Twenty-five

Low, high, higher, and low, Hart, Dorothy p. Twenty-six

Current doings in doggerel, Nuzum, Ralph E. pp. Twenty-seven-Twenty-eight

Editorially speaking, pp. Twenty-nine-Thirty-two

Beneath the foot lights, Brendel, Roy A. pp. Thirty-three-Thirty-five

The charge, Grasser, C. R. pp. Thirty-six-Thirty-nine

The universities and religion, Thayer, Frank pp. Thirty-nine-Forty-one

A little pet scheme, pp. Forty-one-Forty-three

O sad cold moon, Pennyfield, Eve pp. Forty-three-Forty-eight ff.


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