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The Wisconsin magazine


Meyer, Wallace, Editor
The Wisconsin magazine
Volume XIII, Number 3
Madison, Wisconsin: The Wisconsin Magazine Association, Incorporated, December 1915

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[Cover] The Wisconsin magazine

Table of contents

[Frontispiece] I am the Christmas spirit, Hall, Fred M.

Quigley's man: a football story, pp. Three-Seven

Forensics before the Civil War, Stephens, S. D. pp. Seven-Ten

Remembering, Anundsen, George p. Ten

The sophs, the silo and the ram, A. B. pp. Eleven-Thirteen

The start of a stadium, C. J. p. Fourteen

New ways for Wisconsin men to make good, Parlin, Charles Coolidge pp. Fifteen-Seventeen

Why I came to Wisconsin, Farrington, Joseph R. pp. Seventeen-Nineteen

The dear old town, Nuzum, Ralph E. p. Nineteen

"She told me so", Pradt, Louis A. pp. Twenty-Twenty-two

Current doings in doggerel, Nuzum, Ralph E. pp. Twenty-three-Twenty-four

The diary, Morris, Kathryn pp. Twenty-five-Thirty

Editorially speaking, pp. Thirty-one-Thirty-three

Christmas morning, Ketchum, Iva N. p. Thirty-three

Municipal politics of the future, Brink, Stanley L. pp. Thirty-four-Thirty-five

Pay dirt, H. R. W. pp. Thirty-five-Thirty-six

Adjectivitis, pp. Thirty-seven-Thirty-eight

Penny-wise examples, pp. Thirty-eight-Thirty-nine

On representation, R. O. R. pp. Thirty-nine-Forty

The humorist, "Montana Misogynist" pp. Forty-one-Forty-eight ff.


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