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Athenaeus of Naucratis / The deipnosophists, or, Banquet of the learned of Athenæus
volume I (1854)

Book I: epitome,   pp. [unnumbered]-57

Page 36

40. Now the national dances are the following --the Lace- 
(iemonian, the Trcezenian, the Epizephyrian, the Cretan, the 
Ionian, the Mantinean, which Aristoxenus considers as the best 
of all, on account of its movement of the hands. And dancing 
was considered so creditable an employment, and one requir- 
ing so much talent, that Pindar calls Apollo a dancer 
Prince of dancers, prince of grace, 
Hail, Phoebus of the silver quiver. 
And Homer too, or one of the Homeridee, in one of the hymns 
to Apollo, says- 
How deftly Phcebus strikes the golden lyre, 
While strength and grace each moving limb inspire! 
and Eumelus, or Arctinus, the Corinthian, somewhere or other 
introduces Jupiter himself as dancing, saying- 
And gracefully amid the dancing throng, 
The sire of gods and mortals moved along. 
But Theophrastus says that Andron of Catana, a flute-player, 
was the first person who invented motions of the body keep- 
ing time to music, while he played on the flute to the dancers; 
rom whom dancing among the ancients was called Sicelizing. 
And that he was followed by Cleophantus of Thebes. Among 
the dancers of reputation there was Bulbus, mentioned by 
Cratinus and Callias; and Zeno the Cretan, who was in high 
favour with Artaxerxes, mentioned by Ctesias. Alexander 
also, in his letter to Philoxenus, mentions Theodorus and 
41. The Temple of the Muses is called by Timon the 
Phliasian, the satiric writer, the basket, by which term he 
means to ridicule the philosophers who frequent it, as if they 
were fattened up in a hen-coop, like valuable birds:- 
AEgypt has its mad recluses, 
Book-bewilder'd anchorites, 
In the hen-coop of the Muses 
Keeping up their endless fights. 
. .. . till these table orators got cured of their diarrhnea of 
words; a pack of men, who from      their itch for talking 
appear to me to have forgotten the Pythian orack, which 
Chamaeleon quotes- 
Three weeks ere Sirius burns up the wheat, 
And three weeks after, seek the cool retreat 
Of shady house, and better your condition 
By taking Bacchus for your sole physician. 
EEPIT. B. 1. 

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