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Gangelin, Paul; Hanson, Earl; Gregory, Horace (ed.) / The Wisconsin literary magazine
Volume XXI, Volume [Number] 3 (December 1921)

Rejection slip,   p. 71

Page 71

Rejection Slip
Last night I held the world in my two hands.
To crush it like an egg-shell if I choosed;
I bent above the shining, lovely thing
As children will, exultantly, and mused.
At last a gift worthy of my great god!
I fled the winding paths between the stars
To the still space beyond where my god dwells
In splendid calm no human transport mars.
I offered him my gift with burning eyes;
My god beholds a thousand worlds more fair-
He laughed. Far down the starless space I watched
Fragments of tinsel float and vanish there.
Dust From
a Bookshelf
For those who prefer not to do their Christmas slop-
ing surly, I have prepared a list of gift books suitable
for the various members of the family and others, which
may fill their needs and prevent many a one from being
disappointed in the books that he receives for Christ-
Your Best Girls.
Mabel dear loves poetry.
You might do much that's worse
Than giving her the little
Oxford Book of English Verse.
Your fathers.
For Dad you need a story very thrilling-
A casualty or two on every page.
You might, I think, try Curwoods Flaming Forest,
For anything by him is all the rage.
Your brothers.
And now for dashing brother Bill
Who likes his reading racy:
I should sugest you give to him
The Worlds Decisive Battles-Cressy.
Your Christmas Beggars.
For beggars bold and travelling bums
Prepare them with If Winter Comes.
Your Single Friends.
Both bachelor bores and maids forlorn
Would love to read Hecht's Erik Dorn.
For your sisters.
For sister Sue, sweet little thing,
Who likes no man whose weak.
She would be pleased,
I have no doubt,
With Mr. Hulls The Shiek.
For your mothers.
The problem of what to give fair mother dear,
Whom the clutches of stoutness enmesh
Might be cleverly solved
With appropriate cheer
By Butler's The Way of All Flesh.
For all your miscellaneous friends.
For "jelly-beans" and "Baby vamps"
Tuberculosis Christmas stamps.
For Grandmothers.
For Grandma with her withered cheeks.
A leather volume of Three Weeks.

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