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Hoyer, Theodore R. (ed.) / The Wisconsin magazine
Volume IX, Number 7 (April 1912)


          ANWonderful Saving
                     On Hosiery
   Six pairs of Holeproof Hose are guaranteed to wear without
holes for six months. For $3 a year you can be free from all
holes and all darning. Common hose, costing twice as much in
a year, must be darned every week or two a
the guaranteed way the best?
   There's only one way to buy hosiery now.
Get a guarantee of the wear from  the dealer.
You can get one of dealers who sell "Holeproof," "
with every six pairs. Buy only two boxes of
"Holeproof" a year and you'll never have holes
in your hose-never have to darn. "Holeproof"
are made for men, women and children, so the
whole family can have this advantage. Over
nine million pairs will be sold this year. A mil-
lion people are wearing them now. Don't you
think, if they suit so many, that they will suit you?
  We have had 38 years of experience. " Hole-
proof" were the first guaranteed hose made.
They are soft and stylish, and they come in the
lightest weights if you want them.
           1 Foolepr              Rostery
               R MEN WOMEN      ND CHILDREN
  We pay for yarn an average of 70c a
pound. though yarn can be bought for 30c.
Ours is Egyptian and Sea Island cotton.
There's nothing finer. We spend $55,000
a year for inspection-to see that each
pair is perfection. You can't buy a
poor pair.
  Try "Holeproof" today. But get the
genuine, for there are hundreds of poor
imitations. The genuine only are soft
and light. No common hose were ever
made better.
  Insist on this signature on every pair.
hose are
  Six I
merc re
buying.   Isn't
To Dealers
  Write for our
  agency proposi-
  tion. Excellent
  Thousands of
  dealers making
  big hosiery sales
  Greatest t r a d e
  getter    ever
  known in the fur-
  nishings b u s i-
  ness. Ask how
    we help sell.
months, cost $1.50 up to $3.00, according
to finish and weight.
  There are twelve colors, ten weights
and five grades for men. Seven colors,
three weights and three grades for
women and two colors, two weights and
three grades for children.  Silk hose
for men cost $2.00 for three pairs, guar-
anteed three months. Three pairs of
women's silk hose cost $300,guaranteed
three months. The g.enuine are sold in
your town. We'll tell you ,he dealers'
names a-n request, or ship direct where
there's no dealer near, charges prepaid
on receipt of remittance. Write for free
book, "How to Make Your Feet Happy."
;s it is there the  Holeprocf Hosiery Company
not -Holeprdof."
                000 Fourth Street    Milwaukee, Wi6.
zed cotton o  ior  Hblproof Ho.,ory Co of Canad4. Ltd., London. Can.,
    zeotoHole-           Distributors for Canada
guaranteed six   Tampico New, Co.. S. A -ity c.Me.ico, Agents for Mexioan
akenttis kvdn4h&t6ctP
;I            N ; ^, Is   I
Reg. U.S. Pat. Off., I

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