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Dresbach, Glenn W. (ed.) / The Wisconsin magazine
Vol. VIII, No. 2 (November 1910)

Dresbach, Glenn Ward
Song,   p. 18

Page 18

known you a year ago. I might as well
confess that it was only because I was
having such a hard time to meet you
that I imposed myself on you this morn-
ing, Miss Clay- No, by Jove, I shan't
call Billy's cousin Miss Claypool. You've
always been Marjorie to Billy and me; I
don't have to change now, do I?"
  "I hope not," she laughed, "for I'm
afraid I never could call you anything but
  "Good !" he cried, beaming. "And now
we'll have just the best times ever, won't
we? -You play golf and tennis, and you
ride, and you enjoy the theater- By the
way," he broke off suddenly, "I want to
ask you something."
  "What is it, Terry?"
  "Who is that fellow who is always play-
ing golf with you, and who met you at
the theater with this car about two months
ago ?"
  "Do you mean Jack Nespor?     He's a
cousin of father's. Why do you ask ?"
  "Oh, I don't know," said Terry, im-
menselv relieved.  "I just thought he
looked like a nice sort of fellow, I guess.
But what are we going to do about this
beastly car? We can't stay here forever-
much as I'd like to; but I certainly don't
know what's the trouble."
  "I believe, Mr. Chauffeur," said Mar-
jorie, saucily, "that if you take the trouble
to unclog the pipe that Crains your car-
buretor, and succeed in putting back all
those things you have taken off, that our
machine will run beautifully, as a Connell
Car should."
  "Marjorie, you are a cruel, cruel girl;
you knew what was the trouble all the
time, and Yet you let me worry and broil
away there in the sun, making a fool of
mvself for half an hour. I'll never, never
forgive you."
  "Oh, yes you will, Terry," she replied
gayly. "Come on, let's fix it."
  An hour later the two had managed,
after many mistakes and much merriment,
to put everything back as it had been
before Terry's invasion, and the machine
responded beautifully to the cautious
cranking he gave it.
  "We're off again," she cried, clapping
her hands, "and I'm going to drive,
Terry, because, though you may be the
best fullback Wisconsin ever had-as Billy
says You are-I'm not going to give my-
self into your hands again-at least not
just now," she added, as an afterthought,
and then bit her lip.
  "Go ahead; my surrender is complete,
Marjorie," said Terrence.  "Take com-
mand whenever you choose, but I warn
you, my submission is only temporary.
I'm going to win out in the end."
  Which, of course, was a very bold and
pointed thing for him to say, but as I
told vou in the beginning, I'd back Terry's
chances with every dollar I own, and in
this instance I happen to be on the inside
track, and I know that those chances are
what I'd call mighty good.
Here have we heard the hill wind's song,
And the patter of sweet rain;
Here where we roamed, and 0 how long
Ere we come again!
Here havc we heard the water's throb,
And the mated birds rejoice;
Now all the winds and waters sob
As I wait your voice.

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