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Buchen, Walther (ed.) / The Wisconsin magazine
Vol. VII, No. 7 (April 1910)

Dresbach, Glenn W.
Easter lily,   p. 33

Page 33

Instead of becoming greater and broader
each year, it seems to be going backward.
There are several good reasons why an
indoor relay carnival such as has been
held at Madison can never become a great
success like the University of Pennsyl-
vania carnival. In the first place, Mr.
Hutchins, who alone was responsible for
the meet, has severed his connections
with the university. Relay racing was
one of his hobbies and no one else will
take an interest in the meet such as he
took. But there is another and   more
vital reason why our relay carnival can
never attain very large proportions. Chi-
cago and Illinois are the only other large
western colleges which do any great
amount of indoor track work. The other
schools either lack the material with
which to work or else the gymnasium in
which to train. Very few preparatory
schools have the facilities for indoor
track work and consequently the number
of entries in the prep and high school
events is so small that the events are not
worth while. The same may be said of
the state colleges. Moreover, our track
is not large enough to accommodate more
than three or four men at once, particu-
larly in the shorter races.
  Since the relay carnival has not been
as successful as it should have been, it
would seem  to be a wise move to dis-
continue it and substitute a more prac-
tical form of a meet. A triangular track
meet between Chicago, Illinois and Wis-
consin has been suggested and the idea is
a good one. For years these three schools
have been at the head of track athletics
in the west, and this would be a means
of deciding the indoor championship of
the conference.  Our track is not good
enough for such a meet. But a new board
one could be built for a small sum. The
meet should be held in the Stock Judging
Pavilion, which would accommodate a
large audience and also furnish a very
good place for the field events. Such a
meet would be the one big indoor event
in the West.
           Easter Lily
           GLENN W. DRESBACH
 Easter lily by the altar,
 Could you know the hearts that beat there,
 Know the praying lips that falter,
And the warring souls that meet there,
Then the Day would be as soulless
As a prayer one said,
While the sunbeams through the window
Stained your white with red.
  Easter lily by the altar,
My beloved passed before you-
  Soul of souls, too true to falter,
How the angels must adore you.
Peace to warring souls that meet there
  Half her grace could give;
For once her love she gave me,
  And taught my soul to live.

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