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Buchen, Walther (ed.) / The Wisconsin magazine
Vol. VII, No. 7 (April 1910)

Danton, Paul
Realization,   p. 8

Page 8

chistic, socialistic or other dangerous doc-
trines are being taught in the University.
On the contrary, investigation discloses
striking instances of foreigners who have
come to the University as students believ-
ing in anarchism and violence, who have
been led to discard such beliefs through
the instruction given at the University.
  '"The general purpose of the instruction
was stated to be not to prove or disprove
any particular theory or doctrine, but to
enable the student to know and to under-
stand the facts and. conditions; to fit him
to solve for himself the problems of gov-
ernment and of society, rather than to
send him forth with a solution for all the
problems that he may encounter.
  "The board of visitors finds that the in-
struction given in the University, includ-
ing that given by Prof. Ross, is such as to
strengthen, not to weaken, respect for gov-
ernment and the institutions of existing
  It is impossible to excuse the local
papers who have carried on this campaign.
Ignorance would be a sorry excuse for
them, with the sources of correct informa-
tion at their very doors. But even this
sorry excuse fails, for these newspapers
continued their attacks long after the truth
of the whole matter had been made public
in the Daily Cardinal and in other papers.
One of the reasons that probably actuated
these papers is very well pointed out in a
communication of Theodor Schroeder, '86,
of New York City in the, March number of
the Wisconsin Alumni Magazine, as fol-
  "Much that appears in the clippings
sent me seems to have been inspired by
some sort of malice which at this distance
I cannot fathom, but which induced the
writers unquestionably to avail themselves
of very stale falsehoods about Emnma Gold-
man in order to make sentiment against
some one connected with the University."
  The merciless exposure of modern sin
by Prof. Ross may have rankled in some
bosoms and may have been one of the
causes of this outburst. The splendid ac-
tivity of the University in state adminis-
tration affairs has also been very distateful
to certain individuals in the state, which
fact may also account in part for this agi-
  The incident has disclosed a close union
of the newspapers concerned with yellow
journalism. Let it be hoped that they may
soon divorce themselves from this off-col-
ored companion. If this should be the re-
sult, it would be of the greatest benefit to
them. However, as already pointed out,
this is not a mere mental aberration of a
few journals. If this were all, it would
not be worth while to write these lines.
There is lurking in the darkness behind
the newspapers a power which would, if
it could, undo the progressive work accom-
plished in this state and which, to accom-
plish this purpose. is all too willing to de-
base and malign the University. To meet
this force and foil its plans is of the high-
est importance.
o little Waif before my door,
Low sobbing with your pain,
Why did you never come before,
All shivering in the rain?
For I have longed to dry your tears
And see your glad eyes shine-
How I have waited all these years,
0 lost love-soul of mine!

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