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Mulany, John V. (ed.) / The Wisconsin literary magazine
Vol. V, No. 2 (November 1907)

Swenson, Edith
"Peter MacDonald - center",   pp. 52-58

Page 52

                      Edith Swenson
             HE Macdonalds had always been a "football"
             family. Mr. and Mrs. Macdonald were as
             crazy over football as any undergrads. Bill
             still insists that his father is prouder of him
             because of the end-run he made in the Wis-
             consin-Chicago game in '95, than he is of his
             success in banking.
  When Peter came along they all thought it was going to
be Bill over again. He was on the high school team, and
when he entered college he was one of the biggest freshmen
they'd ever seen. But, although Peter was as big as all out-
doors, he was notso awfullyfast. He played on the freshman
team the first season, and because Peter was young they all
were sure he would make good his next year. Bill talked
football to Peter every time he saw him, until the poor boy
was dizzy.
  "Say, kid," he'd say to his sister Sue when he walked
home from school with her, "Say, kid, there's no use talking,
I've got to make the team. I've got to!" Whereupon Sue
would squeeze his hand hard, for she knew just how he felt
about it.
  Sue used to go out on the fieid to watch them practice, and
she was nearly as tired as Peter when they got through.
Once the coach-the great Macutchins-stopped near her
and said:
  "That big soph has got the stuff in him if he'd only get a
hustle on." She told Peter after dinner and he banged his
fist down hard on the arm of his chair and said: "'By Jove,
Sue, I'll hustle if it kills me!" and in about a week later he
told the family he was going to play center on the 'Varsity
next day.

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