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Walsh, William T. (ed.) / The Wisconsin literary magazine
Vol. III, No. 5 (February 1906)

Bellows, H. A.
Evening song,   p. 154

Page 154

went down town and enjoyed themselves in their own true
fashion. Coming home they serenaded several houses, but
their voices were a little husky and the tunes a little hard
to keep. They really thoroughly enjoyed their music them-
selves and were happylin the thought that other people en-
joyed it too.
  The next morning Phil didn't get up very early. In fact
he didn't get over to the house even in time for dinner.
When he did come he found the house-party a thing of the
past-"the ladies flown, the men to themselves." Miss
Young had left in the morning, some one told him. Hal and
Kate had just left for the station. As he came into the
chapter room Kieth was standing on the piano stool leading
the cheers for the "ladies" and the "Prom," the "house-
party" and a dozen other things. Kieth seemed to be feel-
ing very happy. For some reason or other he seemed espe-
cially grateful to Phil.
                EVENING SONG
           Over the water a gleam,
           The breathless light of a star,
           Guiding me over the waste of sea
           Back to the harbor bar.
           Over the water a breath,
           The wind's faint, tremulous sigh,
           Drifting across the silent waves,-
           And none can hear but I.
           Over the water a voice,
           Tender and soft and true,
           Borne on the shafts of the dying sun,
           Calling me back to you.
                -H. A. Bellows in Harvard ]fonthly.

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