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Braley, Berton (ed.) / The Wisconsin literary magazine
Vol. II, No. 5 (February 1905)

Mason, Ora L.
A little misunderstanding,   pp. 191-192

Page 191

                     By Ora L. Mason
  Elizabeth was extremely popular at the Country Club
  "No wonder," I said to myself, half admiringly, half irri-
tatedly, as I came upon her, seated on a rustic bench be-
tween two gracefully spreading elms whose branches gently
broke the little waves of Lake Geneva's clear blue water.
  "How did that game of tennis come out?" she called gaily
as I strode up.
  "Tom won," I answered shortly as I threw myself lazily
on the grass near by. "What are you reading?"
  "Not the 'Ladies' Home Journal' this time," she replied
  "O, Betty, chuck the jolly! Be merciful and let's talk
sense! "
  "Shall we discuss literature?" She inquired solemnly.
  "That depends," I answered, plucking grass and throwing
it carelessly into the foaming waves that broke over the peb-
bles. "Let me see the book," and I reached out, my han(l.
Elizabeth handed it to me with her left hand and as I
caught sight of the sparkling diamond on her third finger,
I dropped the book as though stung and with my secret sus-
picions now suddenly confirmed and more biting than ever,
I stammered abruptly, "What's-what's that?"
  An amused suggestive expression, half sly and half earn-
est, quickly spread over her face as she said quietly, "The
book?" That's 'When Patty Went To College.' Its ex-
tremely interesting."
  "You know I mean the ring," savagely, "Where did you
get it?"
  "Well," she said deliberately, turning it slowly around

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