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Braley, Berton (ed.) / The Wisconsin literary magazine
Vol. II, No. 5 (February 1905)

Braley, Berton
Just a common fellow,   pp. 188-190

Page 188

                     By Berton Braley
My dear Father:
  You know how much of an anchorite I used to be at home,
and I guess you realize I haven't been much given to social
life since I came to the city; my work has been everything
to me, it didn't seem that there was anything in life more
worth while than the profession in which I have hoped to
gain a living and a name. But-well, I'm engaged. I know
you will be glad for she's all a man ever dreamed of or hoped
for. Perhaps you know the Franklins here? I was making
a little business call on old man Franklin about a month ago
and Maude came in on us suddenly. She blushed and started
back with a little, "Oh, Papa, I didn't know you had a vis-
itor, " then the old man introduced her as his daughter.
  Well, ever since then I've been calling often to see Mr.
Franklin and he's always asked me in to talk with the fam-
ily. And Maude and I've learned to care for each other.
That is how it happened.
  My work means more than ever to me now, for it means
Maude, and Maude means,-just everything.
  Wish me success and joy, dad.
                                  Your loving son,
Dear Father:
  Yesterday the Board of Public Works accepted my plans
for the new Hospital and Maude and I are to be married in
a month. My work seems to be better ever since she prom-
ised me Herself; there is more power and originality to it.
I have gained wonderfully in confidence and strength. I
guess it isn't always just hard application that does things

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