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Olbrich, M. B. (ed.) / The Wisconsin literary magazine
Vol. 1, No. 7 (June 1904)

Mason, Ora L.
Only a joke,   pp. 260-265

Page 260

                   ONLY A JOKE
   "Oh, where did you get them!" cried Caryl as she dropped
 into Betty's room just before lunch to borrow some theme
 paper and found half a dozen girls sorting wild flowers.
   "'If you hadn't been such a foolish little freshman and duti-
 fully attended convocation," said Betty, carefully selecting
 the longest stemmed violets, "you might have gone with us
 and helped to discover our little Paradies-gartchen."  "But
 freshmen will be freshmen," she continued mischieviously,
 the characteristic Elizabethan twinkle, as the girls called it,
 stealing into her merry brown eyes, "undoubtedly they will
 remain the victims of jokes and the targets for slams until the
 end of time."
   "'What a tease you are, Betty!" exclaimed Mable. ."Won't
you ever forget that poor child's 'first appearance on the
   "Never mind, I'll be a sophomore by and by, providing
the exams are only a joke," and Caryl slyly pinned a bunch of
yellow violets on her waist.
   "What happened at convocation?" asked Grace, "was
there room for the faculty on the platform?"
   "Oh, girls," interrupted Betty impetuously, "what dears
they are," thrusting her nose into a heap of flowers on the
study table.
   ,I'm sure the faculty would be delighted to hear you apply
such endearing terms to them," Caryl misinterpreted.
   "Come, dear child, leave off with your freshmanism and
give me a few pointers about convocation; I've got to write
up the affair for the Cardinal to-night and if you'll kindly fur-
nish me with a few facts to build on, I'll promise not to men-
tion the Herr Zimmerman joke for the week."
  'Betty is surely wonderful at stabbing, I discovered that in
the Mediaeval quiz this morning," declared Edith, reaching
for a white trillium; "she will be able to fill in beautifully with
only slight foundations, count on that."

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