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Olbrich, M. B. (ed.) / The Wisconsin literary magazine
Vol. 1, No. 4 (March 1904)

Alma's way,   pp. 143-144

Page 143

                   ALMA'S WAY
   The other morning I saw Alma come out of the class room
where "child-study" is pursued. She was frowning and there
were two red spots on her cheeks. She hurried by me with
scarcely a nod, but I caught her on the stairs.
   "You just flunked," I remarked with the air of a Sherlock
   "I don't have to be told," she replied, "I'm not entirely
dense. "
   "'And," I went on, "a Normalite volunteered to 'stick a
fiery torch into the darkness of your ignorance. "'
   "How do you know?" asked Alma with a faint show of in-
  I smiled.  "It's a case of apperception. I have taken the
course myself."
                       *    *    *
  I met Alma on the street. She was looking uncommonly
pretty, and I told her so. For some reason she did not ac-
cept my compliments with her usual good nature.
  " 'You are growing common-place, " she said, walking on.
  I kept by her side.  "But I say what I think," I added in
  "That only confirms my opinion," she retorted, looking
straight ahead.
  Now as it never did any good to become vexed with
Alma, I asked humbly if I might call that evening.
  "-You have nothing new to say," she objected.
  -I am not afraid of repetition," I urged boldly.
  For once Alma had the grace to blush.
  "You will find me home at eight," she said, as I lifted my
                      *    *    *
  I met Alma the other day as she was leaving the library.
  "This is very unexpected," I said as I turned about and
walked on with her.

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