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Braley, Berton (ed.) / The Wisconsin literary magazine
Vol. II, No. 5 (February 1905)

Knowlton, Phillip A.
William Look, stage-driver,   pp. 193-195

Page 193

                   By Phillip A. Knowlton
  Mr. William Look makes his living by driving a four-horse
stage from a certain town in the Sacramento valley to a
small hotel some thirty-six miles eastward and some four
thousand feet upward. The first time I ever saw him was
one afternoon when he brought in his charge, loaded down
with passengers and baggage. Among the articles of freight
were a trunk and two bed-springs bound for our camp. The
passengers jumped out and claimed their belongings. When
only the springs and trunk and I remained, Mr. Look con-
cluded that there must be some connection between us. So
he shook hands with me crushingly, as though the evidence
of the freight were an introduction, and said, "That your
stuff? "
  I replied that it was.
  "All right. Where in hell do you belong?"
  I pointed to the top of our tent, showing white among the
trees on the hill-side, far from any road.
  "Well, hop in and we'll drive over."
  "How?" I asked astonished. The only way over, a mere
foot-path, was covered with logs and bumps, and even a fence
crossed it.
  "On the ground. Where d'you suppose?"
  "All right," I assented, and jumped up beside him. I
had my misgivings, but I had heard of the obstinancy and
invariable success of this giant Look. As we rattled over
the beginning of our course, I had a chance to observe him.
He was about six feet and a half tall-as I saw when he rose
from the seat to apply the break,-muscular in proportion,
and his face wore a broad grin and a quarter of an inch of

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