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Evans, Mildred (ed.) / Wisconsin literary magazine
Volume XVIII, Number 2 (November 1918)

Leonard, William Ellery
The comrade,   p. 31

Page 31

W TN ov r 1 9  T VWT T - T M7  A D-b T r A - A - - __
feature of our colleges today is that they are putting
new life into many young men, and inculcating a de-
sire for further knowledge in the souls of men who, be.-
fore now, have never been inside of a college.
J [HAS been the experience of the board of editors
1 that we could turn out a magazine in every way
superior to the one we are issuing were it not for the
arch enemy of all university publications-page fright.
We have found that the average undergraduate has a
horror of submitting the strange workings of his inner
self to public scrutiny, and would rather stuff his
stories and verses into some remote catacomb of his
closet than see them appear in bold, black print in the
college monthly.
It has also been our experience that page fright lasts
about one issue; that is, once the victim has come out
into the open he will like the sunlight of publicity and
stay out and keep warm.
This is not an editorial, but an invitation.
We hope you will act upon it. We are always at
home, and willing to meet perfect strangers. "The
Wisconsin Literary Magazine, Madison, Wis.," will
reach us. If you can, visit us at our new office, Room
it, A   TVIL 1UA AZl  E                       31
121 University Hall, or drop. your manuscript in our
box in the North wing.
One thing more. The Board of Editors in its ef-
fort to make the Lit truly representative of the thought
and feeling of the student body of the University, has
decided to throw open its editorial pages to contribu-
tors. If Nou have a message for your fellow students,
if you have something to say which you feel is an ex-
pression of the spirit of Wisconsin, you may use the
Wisconsin Literary Magazine as a medium. These
aro the only principles that have guided our editors in
the past and that will continue to determine the edi-
torial policy of our magazine. And these principles
will be the chief test applied to all contributions to our
editorial columns.
The Comrade
(For a farewell dinner to Dr. Horace M. Kallen, April 1918.)
Sunshine flashing on a red-black wing
By willow, by flower-
And the little stone bridge is everything.
(An instant? an hour?)
Echoes flying, off the pine-crag head,
Westward, away-
And earth unbosoms all her ancient dead.
(An hour? a day?)
Northern lights in a March-moon sky,
Over star, over sphere-
And the gods retake the world on high.
(An hour? a year?)
Bird and the sound and the skiey gleam
(We still recall!)-
But a man on foot who shared our dream
Is heart . . . of all.
November, 1918
. I -  -     -   -   --   1-1 IL -L I  Xi JL JL - U,

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