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Meyer, Wallace (ed.) / The Wisconsin magazine
Volume XIII, Number 7 (April 1916)

Morris, Kathryn
A fantasy,   p. Sixteen

Page Sixteen

littledifferently from other people, the
highest place in the newspaper field
ought to be yours.
  The avowedly "literary" publication
is chiefly of value in stimulating the
student to develop his abilities as a
writer of fiction, humor, etc. As a
field for the article-writer., it is hardly
worth considering. Magazine articles
today are merely high grade newspaper
stuff put together by a man who has a
little different viewpoint, who knows a
theme when he sees it and, above all,
who can think clearly. The pretty lit-
tle essays affected by some college pub-
lications won't carry a man very far.
This need not be the case at all. If
these literary publications would per-
mit freshness and brusqueness of the
journalistic spirit to enter their pages
they would serve a very valuable pur-
pose as a medium of expression for men
training themselves as article writers.
  But most emphatically, even at their
worst, these publications are of real
value to the ambitious student writer
of fiction.
  As to the actual value of the training
one gets either from the work on the
student daily  or on the editorial
staff of a literary magazine -q that
is but little.  The chief function
of these publications, as I have tried
to indicate in these few hasty lines, is
to serve as a means whereby a man
whose ambitions would lead him to en-
gage in some phase of the publishing
business other than the strictly com-
mercial side, may find himself.
           A FANTASY
Butterfly, flitting by,
O'er the fields of flowers;
Softly as the winds that sigh,
You live through sunny hours;
Pausing when your fancy pleases;
Fanning with your wings, light breezes;
flow I wish that I were you,
Drinking fairie's sweetest dew.
Firefly, flitting by,
Lighting night's gray shades;
Flicker on the violets shy,
As you pass through forest glades;
Lighting up the fairies' court,
Or passing brownies in their sport;
How I wish that I were you,
To know the night-time as you do.
                -Kathryn Morris.
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