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Boyle, Ruth M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin magazine
Vol. XIII, Number 6 (March 1916)

Kinnan, Marjorie
Curls and the curlers,   pp. Three-Five

Page Three

            By Marjorie Kinnan, '18
       * T was a long time before
           the family really found out
     , Do that Betty was engaged to
           George. From Christmas
           until May they had had an
uncomfortable feeling that something
was wrong, but they had blamed it on
everything but an engagement. Mother
was sure that a gas-jet was leaking in
some undiscoverable place. Sister
Mildred flounced her short skirts,
tossed her stiff little pigtail over one
shoulder, and sniffed, "Mother, I
shouldn't be one bit surprised if your
dear offspring William had snakes in
the house!" William himself probably
came the nearest to guessing the truth.
He had a surprising habit of tumbling
into a room unexpectedly, and his long
thin legs, that usually knocked into
every noise-producing object in sight,
could slide over the floor without a
sound, provided only you were saying
something you didn't want him to hear,
and thought him safely canoeing on the
  "Mebbe there're goin'-on's a-tween
Betty 'n George," he would say tantal-
izingly. Then he would grin to him-
self, as he recalled the afternoon in the
dusky front hall when George was just
leaving, and the evening he had burst
into the parlor to see Betty quickly
separate herself from the previous one-
ness on the davenport, and hear her
say to George, in an all-of-a-sudden

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