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Meyer, Wallace (ed.) / The Wisconsin magazine
Volume XIII, Number 5 (February 1916)

"Wesleyan spirit",   pp. Forty-one-Forty-eight ff.

Page Forty-one

irresponsible, unhinged.  Clementine
wa sthe third point needed to determine
his mental plane-as it was, he could
only find two, one the awareness of his
pain, and a host of disgruntled
thoughts. He got up and made a mo-
tion to ring for his man, but lie changed
his mind, dressed himself in a busi-
ness suit, and left the house in search
of adventure.
To be continued in the April number.
   (Fromn The Wesleyan Literary
  Wisconsin students will find a fine
local application in the following par-
agraphs. To make it the more plain,
change the word Wesleyan to Wiscon-
sin. Then read:
  "College men are inconsistent. Take
the following case. A man who is in-
tensely religious and who has no sym-
pathy but only bitter condemnation for
his erring comrades is generally
branded narrow minded. How often
is the immoral man who openly scoffs
at everything religious and is bitter
toward the church regarded as narrow
minded by his associates as a whole?
This happens because collegians refuse
to think for themselves. The tendency
in every college is towards an average
type. Individuality is constantly being
rubbed off to conform to the average. A
freshman enters college undeveloped
but individualistic. He leaves a college
man, which means that lie wears college
clothes, has absorbed college customs
and mannerisms, and has adopted a
collegian's mode of thinking on all sub-
jects-in short, has moulded himself to
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