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Meyer, Wallace (ed.) / The Wisconsin magazine
Volume XIII, Number 5 (February 1916)

Nuzum, Ralph E.
Current doings in doggerel,   pp. Thirty-one-Thirty-two

Page Thirty-one

  Spring zephyrs softened the revenge-
ful heart of the released prisoner.
  "God knows I was innocent, and He
is just," lie thought as he lifted his eyes
to again look mankind straight in the
face. Then, as if with sudden fear, lie
hid his face in the crook of his elbow.
In the passing runabout was the girl
whose smiling face had kept his mem-
ory sweet through those three months.
  The world had winced under the
steady gaze of one of its minions, and
had crowned him with wealth and suc-
cesses. No one knew his past, no one
questioned it. He again met the girl
of the smiling face, and taught her to
love him.
  On their wedding eve she came to
him behind the blooming roses with
something held tightlv in her hand.
  "What is it, Lover?" lhe asked.
  "The last of my girlhood, dear. Shall
I tell yvu about it?"
  "It is a confession," she warned.
  "I feel very brave."
  "It is not so many years back that
a ragged youth came into my life,-
only for an instant. And my girlish
heart cherished romantic hopes that he
would someday come to claim me for
his own. 0, it is well enough for you
to smile; you are a man. But it troub-
led me greatly when the thought that
he might be a convict entered my
  He had opened his mouth as if to
speak, but his face grew serious and
half fearfully he asked:
  "Would that make a difference?"
  "If lhe were innocent?"
  "Hl e should have been above suspi-
cion as you are, dear. This that I have
in mny hand is something he would have
been sure to recognize. Before I throw
it to the bottom of the pond, tell me,"
she commanded with assumed serious-
ness, "has my Knight Erramit ever be-
fore seen this!"
  He hesitated a moment and very
slowly lie shook his head.
  It was the other glove.
The Prom came off without a hitcl,
And filled our hearts with gladness;
Life never seemed so good amidst
This academic sadness.
The students who have made their
Are feeling much exalted,
Thougrh all they've got
Is just a lot
Of useless credits salted.
We understand our school is full
Of common trash and bummers,
Who if they staid at home with dad,
Would make successful plumbers.
For those still on this hopeful list;
Whose outlook still looks gloomy,
It's well worth while
To lamp thie smile
Connected with Judge Toomey.

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