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Meyer, Wallace (ed.) / The Wisconsin magazine
Volume XIII, Number 5 (February 1916)

Morris, Kathryn
H. Toko on the prom,   pp. Nine-Ten

Page Nine

to me is the waay the Germans are pre-
paring for the continuation of the war.
They do not wait for an emergency to
occur, but, prepare for it long in ad-
vance, so that the emergency does not
generally come at all. In the cars and
stations were posted what we called the
"ten commandments". Some of them
were as follows:
  "Do not eat more than is necessary
and do not waste the food."
  "Be sparing of butter."
  "Remember that left-over bread
makes good soup."
  "Eat lots of sugar."
  "Save the peelings of potatoes."
  "Feed the cattle what is not con-
sumed by human beings."
  "Abstain from meat on Tuesdavs
and Fridays."
  As we traveled through Germany on
Friday, meat was not served, but it
was well substituted bv fish and ome-
let. In fact the food we received in
Germanv was the best that was given
us on any of the trains on omir Journey.
  Our train went through only the
northern part of Germany, passing
through Lubeck, Hamburg, and Bre-
men. At Hamburg, where we made a
short stop, we saw many women in uni-
forms, driving the taxis and working in
the station. All of the men on the
trains, even to the engineers, wore mili-
tary uniforms. When Lieutenant Hoff-
man boarded the train at Hamburg lie
  "You are now in a country hated by
all the world."
  Going through Bremen at 10:30 P.
PI. we passed two trains, one loaded
with soldiers, and the other with Red
Cross nurses, both going to the front.
  The next morning when I awoke, I
found myself in Holland, riding toward
The Hague. About twelve thirty I was
notified of our proximity to the capital
citv bv the Dutch conductor, who came
into my compartment, and tapping me
on the shoulder said,
  "Dis is der Hog."
  I assured him that lie was mistaken.
         By Kathryn Morris
Honorable Editor "Wisconsin Maga-
  zine," who dance glibely at Prom and
  knows truth,
Dear Sir
  Yesterday night I went by the Prom,
where such sightlies met my gaze!
Such medlies of rare bloomers! Such
expansion of raw neck and shoulder
blades! I gabble in awe.
  Long time I invite fair lady of oppo-
site sex to be my guest. Her coyly ac-
ceptance played my heart organ, and I
doomed to spend lavish moneys in her
amusement. But what I care for ex-
pense? I have many of those. I, too,
also get rare bloomers from Fred's-
not those Ferdy's where I collects other
bloom-and my ladv gets vision for
dress-I see little of reality. We go in
gas-chariot to marble capitol where
gaysome musicales and other noises of
laugh and talk blind the ear to listen
one's guest jibber. So we smirk and
look enjoyably bored.

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