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Buchen, Walther (ed.) / The Wisconsin magazine
Vol. VII, No. 8 (May 1910)

Traver, Chalmer B.
The William F. Vilas Memorial Prize Story Contest,   pp. 10-11

Page 10

The William F., Vilae MemoriAt Prize
                       S torLr  GB ntAE t
                         CHAIIMNER Be BRAL
  By the kind generosity of Mrs. William
F. Vilas in memory of her husband, the
late Col. William F. Vilas, the following
prize story contest, to be known as the
William F. Vilas Memorial' Prize Story
Contest, has been made possible.  Mrs.
Vilas offers two prizes; odie ~ofifty'dollars
for the best story, and' one of twenty-five
dollars for the second best story, which will
be awarded under the following conditions:
  1. The contest is to be open to all un-
dergraduate students of the University of
  2. The length of the stories that are
submitted shall not be less than two thous-
and, nor more than four thousand words.
There are no limitations imposed on the
subject matter. Contestants are requested
to have all copy typewritten.
  3. The stories must be in the hands
of the Business Manager of The Wisconsin
Magazine not later than the third of De-
cember, 1910. The story shall be enclosed
in a large envelope addressed to the Man-
ager of The Wisconsin Magazine for the
William F. Vilas Memorial Prize Story
Contest. This envelope shall contain a
smaller, separate envelope, sealed, which
shall contain, the correct name of the con-
testant together with a nsom de plume.
Only the non de plume shall appear on the
  4. The following members of the fac-
ulty of the University of Wisconsin have
consented to act as judges of this contest:
        Miss F. C. BERKELEY.
        MISS I. M. STREET.
        PROFESSOR F. W. ROE.
        MR. W. J. NEIDIG.
  Stories submitted in the competition
will be judged as to timely subject matter
and power of appeal to the student body
as well as literary perfection and atten-
tion to details of composition, such as
grammar, punctuation, and general struc-
ture. As a matter of fact, the stories will

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