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Buchen, Walther (ed.) / The Wisconsin magazine
Vol. VII, No. 8 (May 1910)

Rideo, R.
Rirabien,   pp. 12-16

Page 12

Mrs. Herne-A widow of forty-five years.
  Chaperone of the Omega Alpha Sorority.
Erma Slocum-A sophomore at the Uni-
  versity, member of the Omega Alpha
Grace Slocum-Her older sister, formerly
  a student at the University-not a mem-
  ber of Omega Alpha.
Hubert Waite-A sophomore, member of
  the Gamma Delt Fraternity.
Lotta Rone-Also a sophomore, member of
  the Omega Alpha Sorority.
Florence Reiter    ]  Dear senior sis-
Fanny Wilkinson       ters in
Gladys McClain        Omega
Glendora Falk         Alpha.
  The action takes place in the Spring-
time on the evening of one day, and the
afternoon of the following day.
               SCENE I.
  Representing the Omega Alpha Sorority
parlor. In the center, at the back, is a
large, comfortable ingle nook. In the fore-
ground is a dark stained table with books
on it. Two easy chairs stand before the
fireplace. On the mantel, one at each end,
are two slender brass vases, and above it
hangs a Wisconsin shield. To the right
are silk-curtained, double, glass doors, left
open, giving a view of a wide, pillared
porch, dimly visible in the moonlight. On
the left is a doorway through which can
be seen the hall, and a staircase. Electric
lights in plain frosted shades on either
side of the ingle work furnish the interior
  Erma Slocum and Hubert Waite stand
looking out through the doorway on the
night. She is an attractive girl of nine-
teen Years. with light hair and blue eyes.
He is probably about twentv or over.
  Suddenly he turns to her.
  Hubert-Erma,    there  is  something
troubling you. Please tell me what it is.
  Erma-There is something troubling
me. I have wanted to tell you all even-
ing, but I have been afraid. That is
why I have been so silent. Come, Hubert,
come and sit here on this chair. (They
sit in the chairs before the empty fireplace,
facing each other. He looks at her anxious-
ly. She sits silently, with her eyes cast
down, nervously twisting and untwisting
her handkerchief.)
  Hubert-Erma, now tell me what it is,
and I am sure it can be fixed up all right.
  Erma-(Looking up at him for a mo-
ment, and then dropping her eyes again.)
The girls say you are not to come to see
me any more, Hubert.
  Hubert-(Sits erect in his chair, and
leans forward, watching her closely. After
a pause.) They say I am not to come to
see you any more!   What's the trouble?
Don't you want-
  Erma-(Looking    at him) Hubert-
don't. You know I want You to come.
(She pauses, turning her eyes to the
  Hubert-Well, what is it? I don't un-
derstand. I have been coming to see you,
at least for a few minutes, nearly everV
day during the past three months-and
quite frequently, for many months before
that. They never objected. Now thev
sav-well ?
  Erma-(She looks around to make sure
no one is within hearing.) They have lots
of reasons. Listen to me-don' be angry.
Perhaps they are in the right-Maybe it
would be better-for a little while.
  Hubert-What have the girls to say
about this? This is not their affair. I
will not-
  Erma-O, Hubert, listen to me. Wait
till I have finished, and then I am sure
you will understand better. You see the
girls think I am spending too much of my
time with you, and-
  Hubert-Do you think for a minute that
because of what they think I am going to
stop coming to see you?
  Erma-Please wait till I have told You
everything. They do not understand, I

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