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Buchen, Walther (ed.) / The Wisconsin magazine
Vol. VII, No. 8 (May 1910)

Natwick, F. N.
The student athletic manager,   pp. 35-37

Page 35

across his knees and every nerve tense.
  "Of course not," she answered decisive-
Iv. "I shall study what I wish to-no
Smithson, and of course I shall enjoy it.
Studying is the only work I'm good for,
but I do like it. Just to feel the wheels
in your brain lock into each other and start
round-it may not be the only thing on
earth, but to me it makes everything else
seem pale."
  He realized with a feeling that was akin
to physical cold that she was speaking
now with the nearest approach to en-
thusiasm that he had ever heard from her.
He took a sudden determination. "Edith,"
he said slowly, "I quite envy you. I'm
not coming back."
  "Not coming back ?"
  "It isn't the life for me, I'm afraid.
I'm older, you know, and things aren't
the same for me as they are for you, and
I'm not interested as I ought to be," he
stumbled on.
  "I don't see how any man of vour
calibre can help being interested," she said
slowly.  her eves met his intent look
steadily, and he saw nothing in them but
   He knew then that it was useless to
speak out to her, and he got through the
evening and his farewells as best he might.
Then he cursed his own cowardice all night
for not leaving the decision of things
plainly to her. As he lay awake in the
darkness the recollection of her isolation
dwindled, and he remembered the sweet-
ness of her eyes, and the little dimples
that came and went around one corner
of her mouth. He took a new determin-
ation, made arrangements to leave on the
4 o'clock train, wrote his examination, and
made one final attempt to see Edith.
  She was not at her room, he learned
over the t-4ephone, but her room-mate
thought that she could be found at the
library. To the library Stephen went.-
She was not in the main reading room,
and Stephen, knowing that she often
worked in the upstairs room where he had
first seen her, sought her there.
  She was seated at her usual table, bend-
ing over her work. She did not hear him
enter, nor did she feel his presence. She
sat with her Erasmian profile distinct
against the books behind her, having
a last fling at some translation.   He
turned without speaking and went out
into the street, with the picture steadily
before him of her slim hands turning.
turning the pages of her dictionary and
those blue eves of her glancing back and
forth between it and the text.
The Student Athletic Manager
                        F. N. NATWICK
  There is a feeling prevalent among those
interested in and closely identified with
Wisconsin University athletics, that the
election of the student athletic board of
student managers for the various athletic
sports, is unfair and discriminatory in its
present form. In order-that there mav be
a clear understanding of the situation, it
may be well to explain in a few words the
nature of the athletic board and its partic-
ular .responsibility in the case of athletic
manager elections. The board, at present,
is composed of six non-W. members, five
W. members, each representing one of the
five major sports, namely, football, track
athletics, baseball, crew, and basket ball,
and a president and vice-president elected
from the male university students at large.
These thirteen members are elected by the
athletic association annually, the associa-
tion being composed of all regularly regis-
tered U. W. students.
  It has heretofore been customary for
the athletic board, in addition to its other
duties, to annually elect a student manager
for each of the above mentioned sports.
This election is usually held in June, at
the end of the athletic season. The man-
ager for any one sport is chosen from a
list of candidates called assistant managers
who are supposed to have been zealously
assisting the manager of this sport during

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