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Buchen, Walther (ed.) / The Wisconsin magazine
Vol. VII, No. 8 (May 1910)

Hoyer, Theo. R.
The greater university,   pp. 17-20

Page 17

The Greater University
               THEO. R. HOYER
  On the second floor of the Administra-
tion building, in the university architect's
office, carefully arranged along the wall
can be seen drawings and pictures of beau-
tiful grounds and buildings. The grounds
are the future campus of our university,
and the buildings are those of the great
university of probably thirty years to come.
  The present administration has inaugu-
rated a new policy of selecting sites which
will afford sufficient space for increase in
the size of buildings and which provides
for arranging the buildings according to
a general design. The Board of Regent-,
in taking this progressive step, realized
the urgent necessity for making provisions
for the rapid expansion and growth of
observer so practical that our readers will
undoubtedly regard it as an unusual privi-
lege to get a glimpse of what may be the
future aesign of the University of Wis-
  President Charles Richard Van Hise
in his inaugural address delivered in June,
1904, said: "If the University Cf Wis-
consin is to do for the sons of the state
what Oxford and Cambridge are doing for
the sons of England, if it is to do even
what the eastern institutions are accomp-
lishing for their students, not only in pro-
ducing scholars and investigators, but in
making men, it must once more have halls
of residence, and to these must be added
a commons and a union." This statement
the university, and appointed a commis-
sion to draw up a design. This commis-
sion consisted of Mr. Warren P. Laird,
Professor of Architecture in the University
of Pennsylvania; Mr. Paul P. Cret, Archi-
tect, Professor of Design in the same in-
stitution, and Mr. Arthur Peabody, Archi-
tect of the University of Wisconsin. Sev-
eral designs have been prepared by this
commission, but none of them have as yet
been accepted. The last design, however, is
so extensive and appears to the ordinary
marked a definite policy, and the actions
of the Board of Regents have sinc tended
that way. Only a few weeks ago the presi-
dent again brought up the question of
the necessity of a union building in an
address before the student body.
  Thirty years from to-ay the university
will dominate an immense campus extend-
ing from Murray street, north of the Uni-
versity avenue, along the lake shore al-
most to the Univesity Heights. Instead
of buildings loosely scattered with no par-

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