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Buchen, Walther (ed.) / The Wisconsin magazine
Vol. VII, No. 8 (May 1910)

Carroll, John
From my office window,   p. 3

Page 3

time they have longed for a Minnesota
crew, but have seen no convenient place
on which a crew could row. Recentlv,
however, the United States government
constructed a dam across the Mississippi
near the university, thus making a long
and narrow lake. This was just what the
ardent easterners had been looking for and
they immediately started a strong howl for
a Minnesota crew. The cry has been taken
up by many students and it now looks (ac-
cording to the letters Coach TenEvck has
received from Minnesota, asking for infor-
mation), as if a Minnesota crew will be a
reality either next year or that fol-
lowing. At the summer camp of the Min-
nesota students at Lake Minnetonka, four
four-oared barges have been purchased and
will be used this summer by prospective
varsity candidates. Already there is much
talk at Minneapolis of a Minnesota-Wis-
consin race and it seems almost certain
that Minnesota would be willing to enter
a crew in a western regatta on the Misssis-
  In addition to the conference schools,
it is highly probably that some of the
coast schools, such as Washington and Le-
land Stanford, could be persuaded to enter
the middle western regatta. Probably more
interest is taken in the navy at Washing-
ton than at any institution of its kind in
the country and, if their race with Wis-
UGHKEEPSIE                             3
consin proves a success, it is certain they
would make a strong effort to send a crew
to a larger event.
  Marquette has also been talking much of
organizing a crew if they could find any-
one to race with them and they would, if
allowed to enter the race, doubtless do so.
Michigan has been trying for some time
to get the stream which flows through Ann
Arbor dammed and say they would be giv-
en a two mile course if a very small dam
were erected. They would doubtless find
some way of erecting such a dam if any
incentive such as a western regatta were
  The first step towards holding a re-
gatta would be to form a western in-
tercollegiate rowing association, composed
at first of Washington, Minnesota and Wis-
consin, to take charge of the event. A
triple regatta at Prairie du Chien between
these schools would probably be the second
step, and if this were repeated every year,
it seems fair to assume that Chicago,
Michigan, Iowa, Marquette and one or
two of the coast schools would enter in-
side of a few years. If enough interest
were aroused the passengers on the obser-
vatien train would probably make it a suc-
cescful event financially and the good it
would do western rowing and athletics in
general is inestimable.
From My Office Window
             JOHN CARROLL
A drizzling rain is falling on the city,
The wet roofs stretch monotonous and grey-
A scene, in truth, that's never very pretty-
And only makes me dull, depressed, today.
For in its drab I seem to see reflected
A mocking image of the life I lead,
A sodden life-the life that I selected
Because it seemed to fill the moment's
A grey existence, void of high ambition,
Of sordid toil to gain my sordid ends.
I chose it, chose it of my own volition,
And cast aside a life of love and friends.
would I had not chosen quite so meanly.
If I but had the chance to choose again,
know that I would never feel so keenly
The dull depression of a drizzling rain.

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