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Sheets, Geo M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin literary magazine
Vol. VI, No. IV (January 1909)

Hubbel, Affa
One, two and the bone,   pp. 170-175

Page 170

                       AFFA HUBBEL
   People would persist in taking the twins seriously; why, no
 one knew, not even the twins themselves. They gazed sol-
 emnly at each other and said, "I wonder!" whenever the ques-
 tion occurred to them. Their course in primary and gram-
 mar schools was a big joke for them, but the teachers and par-
 ents thought it otherwise. It was, indeed, remarkable that no
 one but the twins should possess enough sense of humor to ap-
 preciate the acrobatic feats of the very nervous teacher who
 found a very lively mouse in her desk. When they asked about
 it at home they were severely punished, and told that the teacher
 had "nerves." What were "nerves ?" The puzzled mother
 plained to the twins that nerves were the centers of feeling,
 and that was why it hurt to stick a pin into one's self.
 "I wonder ?" said One.
 "I wonder !" said Two.
 "We didn't stick a pin into her !" said One.
 "No, we just put a mouse in her desk !" said Two.
 "That's different !" said One.
 "Lots," assented Two.
 Nothing more was said about the matter, but One was not
 surprised to meet Two the next day sticking a pin into the
 back of the teacher's chair. One grinned and produced another
 pin. "I'll put this in the cloth she erases with," he said.
 They found out conclusively that the teacher had nerves, and
 they also discovered a few in themselves after their father had
heard of their physiological experiment.
  "I don't think I like nerves," said One.
  "I'm sure I don't," said Two.

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