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Mulany, John V. (ed.) / The Wisconsin literary magazine
Vol. V, No. 5 (February 1908)

Dodge, R. E. Neil
Entre nous,   pp. 228- 231

Page 228

                ENTRE NOUS
  It is a month now since you did me the honor to invite me
to measure shillalahs in THE LIT with Coach McCarthy, for
the honor of Iould Harvard." That is not the precise form
that your invitation took, but that is what it meant; and
when I told you that I was just then too busy with other
work, I could see in your eye that you thought my refusal a
good instance of Harvard apathy, of that lack of decent
"patriotism" which the eloquent coach had attributed to Har-
vard men in general. So I told you that I would "think it
over." Well, I have thought it over, and I cannot yet see
what I should gain by taking up the cudgels of open contro-
versy, except an oratorical broken head and the chance to
meditate upon my shortcomings in the art of persuasion.  I
am no orator as Coach McCarthy is-and Harvard is above
the need of any defence by me.
  Besides, it is difficult to write of conditions in one univer-
sity without referring to another. If I should retort by
countercharges against Brown, I should perhaps incur the
enmity of a second Brown man hereabouts, "'my very good
friend, and an honorable gentleman," whom I should be loath
to stir up; and I should also be beating the air, for what do
Wisconsin men know or care about Brown? They probably
do not even know that the average Brown man, when he is
tired of swearing by Brown, swears by Yale-or at Harvard.
And if I should compare conditions at "undemocratic" Har-
vard with conditions here at Wisconsin, well, I should prob-
ably make myself quite intelligible, but not altogether popu-
lar. One of your writers in the December issue said that,
when Coach McCarthy spoke of Harvard snobbery, he showed
"admirable daring." For my part, I could not see that he

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