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Mulany, John V. (ed.) / The Wisconsin literary magazine
Vol. V, No. 3 (December 1907)

Editorially,   pp. 133-134

Page 133

  OUR opening article, "An Epistle to the Undergrads,"
seems particularly well adapted to the present period of stu-
dent and alumni unrest. The views expressed cannot but
strike home to the leading questions of athletic discontent.
The effect of these views will be varied. The careless and
hasty reader will find much to decry and condemn; the more
thoughtful cannot but discern the spirit of loyalty which
prompted the letter, and forbear.
  Our "old grad" has, as he says, kept in touch with Wis-
consin for the past twenty years. He has watched with
special interest the football season of 1907. His article
shows that he has not been misinformed. Even though it
gain few converts, if it leads to some earnest thinking along
the lines suggested, it shall be far from futile in effect. THE
LIT hopes for more articles of the same nature.
  THE LIT makes general acknowledgment of the increased
interest shown by contributors. The amount of material
submitted the past month has been most gratifying. We
make special acknowledgment to two former LIT men. Ber-
ton Braley, '05, of Billings, Montana, a former editor, con-
tributes "The Battle Axe," in this issue. Through his
experience as editor, Mr. Braley understands the best method
of encouragement. Lucian Cary, '08, of Chicago, has been
very helpful through suggestions, criticism and contribution.
  THE editor does not live on his salary. Stamps are not
only negative necessities but positive luxuries. Contributors,
therefor, who stipulate the return of manuscript to any ad-

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