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Underwood, Walter S. (ed.) / The Wisconsin literary magazine
Vol. IV, No. 7 (April 1907)

Burnham, Dorothy M.
Commencement,   pp. 198-201

Page 198

                   DOOTHY M. BURNHAM.
   "I thought, maybe, you wouldn't mind very much if I kept
them all," Jack said, as he gave Bernice her program. "You
see, it's our last party, and it's considered a good sign to
dance a straight program at one's Alumnae Ball. Sort of
sentimental, I suppose, but if you don't object-"
   "Not in the least," Bernice answered, smiling.  "I think
it would be great; I've never danced a straight program in
my life. But this isn't-why, who are these people, 'John,'
'Mr. Ford,' 'Jack, ' 'John Howard Ford,' 'J. H. F. ' "
   '0, I just wrote it that way so it would deceive the casual
observer," Jack replied, complacently. " Good stunt, isn't it?"
  "Will you ever grow up, Jack?" Bernice laughed, as she
handed back the card.   " You're the biggest kid and the
best." Then, as they stood in the doorway, she added,
"How much nicer it would be, outside. Let's walk, this
next dance."
  "We'll get a boat and go for a row," Jack declared. Or,
better still, a canoe. It's easier to propel."
  "But it's nearly ten o'clock," Bernice objected.  "Think
of S. G. A. rules. "
  "0, hang the rules," Jack answered, easily.  "Anyway,
we're emancipated now. We became alumni at eleven-thirty
this morning. So come on, you know you're dying to go."
  They went around to the boat house and secured the only
remaining canoe.  "Our idea was evidently not original with
us," Jack remarked, as they moved noiselessly out upon the
water. It was warm and still, and the lake and shore were
white with moonlight.
  "It is perfect here," sighed the girl, leaning back among
the cushions.  "How much better the music sounds at a dis-

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