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Underwood, Walter S. (ed.) / The Wisconsin literary magazine
Vol. IV, No. 3 (December 1906)

Neidig, William J.
The prince of Parthia,   pp. [unnumbered]-74

                    DECEMBER, 1906
       VOLUME IV                      NUMBER 3
                   WILLIAM J. NEIDIG.
  Thomas turned abruptly to the window, and, with a quick
movement of the wrist, sent the ring into the bushes outside.
When he again spoke his voice had a queer little rising inflec-
tion in it; and he said something either irrelevant or stupid,
it would be hard to say which. Then he clumsily closed the
door behind him and found himself alone in the street.
  Thomas set out at a rapid pace, he cared not whither. He
walked for hours, seeing nothing, hearing nothing, save only
Thisbe's white face and the tumult in his brain. When the
numbness began to wear off he saw that he was among the
trees and fields of the country. So much the betterl And'
then he began to try and untangle the knots about his heart.
  He allowed his mind to wander up and down the surface
of the day, to see if he could discover where he had lost the
battle. Strange that he, Thomas Godfrey, in the year 1759,
should be sent away from Thisbe's door! Thisbe! He had
come to feel that she was a part of himself. She was a part
of himself, in spite of- But he remembered that he had been
sent away, and bit his lip, and sunk his finger-nails into the
palm of his hand, and went over it all again.
*The name of the first play written by an American. The play was.
refused by Douglass, the theatrical manager.

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