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Walsh, William T. (ed.) / The Wisconsin literary magazine
Vol. III, No. 1 (October 1905)

Hinkley, Cora C.
"Twixt the cup and the lip",   pp. 23-26

Page 23

                    BY CORA C. HINKLEY.
   Philip Sidney Ainsworth was perfectly satisfied with him-
 self. He was proud of his aristocratic name, proud of his
 four years at Harvard, proud of the success of his last art
 (Triticism, and, proudest of all, that he had lived to the ma-
 tWre age of thirty-three without ever having fallen in love
 with a womnan. From time to time in the last ten years he
 had received bulky white envelopes from his various college
 chums, and it was with a veritable feeling of contented free-
 domn that he tossed them upon a dusty closet shelf. Only
 this morning, as an aftermath to one of these same enve-
 lopes, he had received an enthusiastic note from his old room-
 mate, Hal Hargrave.
 " There's nothing like it, Ainsworth," the man had writ-
 ten. " You, an ossified old bachelor, can't imagine the
 charms of a little home all your own, a cosy fire-place with
 a big chair before it, just big enough for two, and every
 night at the doorway a little girl whose sole purpose is just
 to make you happy-"
 "Bah!" said Ainsworth, interrupting himself; "if ammy-
 one can show me anything better than this, I should just like
 to see it." He glanced around his perfectly appointed bach-
 elor apartment.
 "No woman poking around my hooks or manuscript; no
 inquisitive hands dusting and muddling up my desk; no one
 objecting to pipes and snmoke; no whooping-coughy babies or
 sick wife. Whew! Iii proud of niyself. Philip Sidney
 Ainsworth, you're a fine product of the twentieth century
 man. You're dependent on no one. If you want to stay inl
 town you can stay; and if you take a notion to leave, you
 can get up in the middle of the night, order your grip
packed, and off you go, with no one's being the wiser."

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