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Olbrich, M. B. (ed.) / The Wisconsin literary magazine
Vol. 1, No. 6 (May 1904)

MacKenzie, Fred W.
The close of a day,   pp. [unnumbered]-204

                        MAY, 1904
          VOLUME I                    NUMBER 6
                    M. B. OLBRICH, Editor
        EDWARD S. JORDAN              A. B. BRALEY
                     HORATIO WINSLOW
FRED W. MACKENZIE                        THOMAS J. MAHON
       DON E. GIFFIN               WILLIAM T. WALSH
             STANLEY R. LATSHAW, Business Manager
                     Harry A. Apple, Assistant
 Terms $1.00 a year in advance. Contributions should be addressed to Editor,
217 North
 Pinckney St. Business communications and subscriptions to the Business Manager,
 East Gilman St.
            THE CLOSE OF A DAY
  The dull red sun, just touching the crest of the distant
wooded hill, cast long gray shadows across the valley and
burnished the west windows of the little schoolhouse with
gold. Over the kine-filled meadows and plowed fields,
brooded the peace and quiet of a waning afternoon in May,
broken only now and then by the soft chirping of sleepy
birds, or by the faint whoo-oo of a solitary night-hawk soar-
ing high in the air beyond the reach of eye. A belated farm-
wagon, carrying a jaded, dusty woman and sundry packages
from the near-by village store, appeared around a bend in
the road; lumbered heavily over the little wooden bridge
which spanned the creek; and passed out of sight again
where the road led through a wood on the opposite side of the
meadow. In passing, the occupant of the wagon looked
curiously at the figure of a girl who was seated at one of the
open windows of the schoolhouse, but her perfunctory nod
met with no response.

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